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Astonishingly energetic, entertaining and 100% LIVE, Soul’d Out UK are a 10-13 piece band featuring powerful male and female vocalists, funky rhythm section and a stonking full sax, trumpet and trombone horn section.

Together, we’ve been providing that Soul, Motown & Northern Soul entertainment experience at weddings, parties, corporate and public events since 2008. You know, that memorable event when you couldn’t see the dancefloor for people?

So now’s your chance to meet the team who make Soul’d Out UK 100% Entertaining, 100% Soul and 100% LIVE!

Amongst them, a wealth of talent and a few local legends, having previously played in other Soul, Rock and Blues bands and even a performance at the Royal Variety!

But most importantly, a passionate group who just love the energy of playing and entertaining the Soul’d Out UK fans up and down the country.

In our words, “There ain’t no party like a SOUL’D OUT UK party!”

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