Space requirements: For the best show layout, we usually recommend a stage or floor size of 7m wide by 4m deep. On the other hand, you wouldn’t believe the spaces we’ve managed to squeeze into over the years! We also require an area 1.5m wide by 1.5m deep for our mixing desk and sound engineer. It would be ideal if this area was central to and 10m from, the stage.

Power requirements: All we need is 6x 3-pin 13A mains sockets (like in your house) around the stage area and 1x 3-pin 13A mains socket local to the mixing desk area.

Setup and soundcheck: 2.5 hours.

Facilities: Ideally, we require a secure room for us to get changed and store our instrument cases. It is preferable for this room to have a mirror and a 3-pin 13A mains socket.

Background music: We provide background music before, in-between and after our sets as standard. If you want, we can plug your iPod into the mixing desk if you ask Scott nicely (cake is a great persuasion)!

For all of our private parties and small to medium sized venues, we are completely self-contained with our own digital sound system and lighting rig. Therefore, the Technical Specifications document below is primarily for large scale events or live music venues with installled equipment, to ensure they have the correct stage layout and equipment for our show. For any event or venue using theAllen & Heath GLD digital mixing system, we can provide the bands settings on a USB memory stick.

If you have any questions or concerns, then please contact us ahead of the performance.

Download our technical specifications

If you require any further technical help for Soul’d Out UK, please call Scott on 07414 888 242